Dolce Despedida

Throughout most of my life, it’s safe to say I’ve been a dog lover. But not the type to have my screensaver as dogs or wear dog adorned sweatshirts or some other kind of sad, lonely dog ritual. (No offense to any of the dog lovers out there). I’ve watched my fair share of Youtube’s cute puppy videos, but that draws the line.

I’ve been wanting a dog for the longest but because of my schedule, lack of actual dog knowledge, funds and the fact that I can’t bring a dog home to my parent’s house has always deterred me from getting one. But recently, the numbers were in my favor, and a puppy was bestowed upon me – free of charge at that. As a sidenote – I think there are certain times and opportunities in life where the situation is just too good too pass up (this being one of them) and you have to say to hell with rationality and all the reasons why I shouldn’t do this. Which is exactly what I did. She was free – so that got rid of my funds problem. My roommate and neighbor are fairly knowledgeable about dogs – check. And what they didn’t know, I’m sure someone else on the Internet had encountered the same problem and some other lovely, educated individual would be able to solve all our puppy problems. And the dog would be staying with me at my apartment at school – so that got rid of my other problem. There was really no way I could say no. So from there me and my roommates took in this tiny labrador/pitbull mix puppy who would we come to call, Dolce.

My roommate, Jessica and I, came to find that having a puppy was essentially the equivalent of having a child, if not more. Dolce became our personal vacuum cleaner, cable chewer and corner pooper. Wall trims, shoes, the living room table, pillows, paper, shoes…there was nothing she didn’t get into. But eating panties probably had to be her favorite. What possessed that dog to eat over 10 pairs of panties and other why-the-hell-would-you-eat-that-you-stupid-dog items, I’ll never know.

But outside of her annoying chewing antics, Dolce was a smart, feisty, lovable and hilarious to say the least, Her stubbornness was that of a child and her paw swiping and talking back only added to her attitude. But Jess and I loved her nonetheless.

We only had Dolce for a month and a half maybe..and its crazy how quick an attachment can develop. Being that Thanksgiving break was quickly approaching and my aforementioned problems were now problems again – I had to find something to do with Dolce. Jess couldn’t take her home. A shelter was definitely out of the question. So I had to give her away..she’s in good hands of course and now she has other puppy friends that she lives with which is comforting. But I miss my baby. So so much and she’s only been gone for a day. Absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder.

But nothing tragic happened in this post – Dolce is alive and well. I just wanted to say a final despedida to my sweet Dolce.


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