For Reuben.


Oh – how I’ve missed thee!

It seems that I’ve fallen victim to not posting on my blog everyday. I haven’t posted since around Thanksgiving – but with good reason, no doubt. 

1. The two weeks following Thanksgiving lead up to finals week…which was surprisingly stressful this semester and consisted of last minute scrambling and negotiating with idiot professors about last minute grades. Not to mention the stress of possibly losing HOPE right before my last semester of college. It’s not the worst thing that could happen – but when you have parents who care about your grades and how much you push yourself (and who pay your tuition) keeping them happy and quiet is kind of important. But all that to say I earned A’s and B’s this semester (just what I needed to keep my HOPE) and what a relief! A girl really thought she had all C’s! So finals were over at last and I could enjoy the upcoming Christmas break.

2. Now I could have begun to blog after finals week…I definitely didn’t have anything to do besides go to work but I guess outside of the regular ordeal of God sending me other girl’s boyfriend’s to date, I didn’t have much to talk about. This happens on a regular basis and has become an expected component of my dating life unfortunately. So when I found out the guy I had been hanging out with daily for the past two months was actually in love with and had been dating the girl he claimed “was just someone he’s still cool with” since 2008, I was less than surprised. A woman’s intuition is a beautiful thing – and while I expected  the relationship between them was more than what he let on to (thanks to the fact that every time I was around him she was calling, texting or facetiming him) I was not totally distraught over the situation…just a little peeved that so much of my time had been wasted and that I actually kind of liked his lying, cheating ass….and I never like anybody! But hey – shit happens, right? So we’ll charge that one to the game and move on to the next reason why I haven’t been blogging.

3. I received my computer as a gift the summer before I started college. And she’s been good to me we’ve had a good run for the most part – outside of the keys falling out, the slow processor, crappy hard drive (the damn thing dies as soon as you unplug it) and the screen falling apart everything was all good. But all of that just to lead up to – my mom’s family bought me the computer. And it’s the type of situation where we live in two different places – familial relations aren’t as strong as they should be, and being the adults that they are they figured that they hey- it’s probably a good idea to somehow contribute and be a part of our oldest niece’s/granddaughter’s trip to college. So you know they buy the computer – it’s not the worst. but it’s certainly not the best, it’s just enough to get by. But then again I don’t really know the lifetime of laptops but I would think a little more than 4 years (but maybe my mom is really on to something by calling me an ingrate….so if I am please excuse me). Of course I’m happy they bought it, it just turned out to be a piece of shit. But anyway, my screen went out. I plugged in the charger one day and it started smoking and next thing I know – a black screen. The computer itself still works and logs in and everything I just can’t see anything..which is helpful in no way at all. And being that I was the only one in my apartment at the time I was computerless until I returned home for the holidays – which would be a week before Christmas.

4. So I’m finally home for the holidays. It’s pretty much tradition that every time I come home there’s an outage in the area or AT&T’s shitty service causes our router to not work properly AKA no internet access. So this happened (what a surprise) and I was without Internet up until like 2 days ago….so here I am.

But Happy New Year to anybody who sees this! May all your resolutions come to fruition and you see a healthy and happy year. I don’t really do resolutions but I do plan to 1). exercise more (so I can get right and find me a papi in Miami) 2). blog on a more consistent basis and add pictures! 3). get good grades and graduate! 4). and hopefully find a career (the biggie)! I hope to see all of these things accomplished in the New Year…but that’s it for now…until next time!