It’s me, Life.



This is it. College graduation is upon you! In t-minus two months and 10 days, you are expected to, for the most part, have the rest of your life figured out. It’s time to put all those skills you learned in college to the test. This is when all the really important shit you learned comes into play. You should begin to appreciate all those classes that you thought at one time were pointless. That FYE class you took? That’s the information you’re really going to need to succeed in life. Forget learning how to pay bills or insurance, or buying a house or a car. All that superfluous information only clutters the mind. So when relatives and family friends begin to ask about your post graduation plans and what you want to do with your life, and you finally realize you have no damn clue and lack the basic skills needed to survive as an adult, you may just want to shit your pants a little. And if you haven’t already, you may begin now.  


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