“Real Life”

The end is near. For real this time. With graduation a week and some change out life is about to get real. The whole time I’ve been thinking about how ready I am, but now that the date is closer I’m not so sure.

In a sense, the great thing about college is the relative seriousness or lack thereof of it all. Of course I complain about having to come home after class and spend all my time on homework and assignments, but what’s homework and assignments to paying bills and being an adult?

I’ve been privileged enough through my college years to have all my financial obligations paid for by mommy and daddy. But I haven’t learned a thing about paying bills, getting credit cards or anything else that matters in “real life”. And seeing that I’ll be submerged into “real life” in less than two weeks – I have to say it’s a little daunting. God forbid my parents stop paying my phone bill and car note….at least for a while. Otherwise I will be a very sad, lost puppy with no phone and late car note payments.

This transition to adulthood is definitely bittersweet. You go into college with everybody telling you, “Enjoy it. These are going to be the greatest years of your life but it’s going to fly by.” In your head you’re thinking yeah, yeah ok I hear you. I’m just ready to go. But now I find myself like, “Shit. They were right.” College has flown by right before my eyes. It’s been an incredible experience without a doubt, but I’m ready for the next steps and what life has to offer. But I have to say, I will miss that my most serious problems for the past four years has been turning in a late assignment.

Life’s been good.